Rainbow trout, bighorn sheep, South Fork of the Shoshone River at Mariposa Ranch, North Fork of the Shoshone River
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North Fork of the Shoshone River summer of 2002 Mirror Lake, Snowy Range near Laramie
There are currently eight SFW of Wyoming chapters in the state, and as in other states, new chapters are being developed very quickly. We here in the Big Horn Basin would like to see other areas in the state get involved with our efforts. We are specifically impacted in northwest Wyoming by wolf reintroduction, but have a positive agenda that reaches far into the future to protect and enhance sporting opportunities, access, and long lasting traditions for future generations.

Bighorn Basin Wyoming residents have recognized that things are changing, and have decided to address issues we will face going forward to protect our wildlife and sporting opportunities. We welcome others to join us. We live among the most pristine National Forests, Parks, and Wilderness Areas in North America, and would like to conserve these treasures for future generations.

Become A Member of the SFW of Wyoming
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  • SFW Wyoming Contacts:
    Executive Director
    Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, Wyoming
    Bob Wharff - (307) 789-4093

  • Big Horn Basin Chapter
    Tim Hockhalter - Alternate Representative
    (307) 587-6178
  • Laramie County Chapter
    Eric Miller - Alternate Representative
    (307) 221-1377
  • Sweetwater County Chapter
    Eric Berg - Alternate Representative
    (307) 382-3966
  • Teton County Chapter
    Dan Bess - Alternate Representative
    (307) 733-1778
  • Uinta County Chapter
    Amy Perkins - Alternate Representative
    (307) 789-1005

Contact information for our state and national legislators may be accessed here!

Contact information for our local chapter may be accessed here!

Contact the webmaster with any feedback, comments, or any suggestions regarding the site.
Please send all member photos to this address.

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